Helic, Inc. is a provider of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software products and services, addressing the semiconductor market and facilitating the design of chips for wireless communications, broadband networking, PCs, tablets and other segments.

Helic’s background technology is a unique electromagnetics modeling methodology. It was conceived to address a critical missing link in custom IC design flows and accelerate the development of complex RFICs and systems-in-package by enabling rapid, high-capacity electromagnetic modeling, seamlessly integrated in the design flow. The technology has been in use since 2000 by fabless companies and silicon IDMs worldwide.

Combining our specialized EDA tooling with breakthrough IP we are helping our customers develop first-time-right silicon, slash their development costs and reduce their time to market. Our technologies are particularly well suited for demanding high-speed designs, multi-band transceivers and high-frequency front-ends, especially where high performance, low power and low cost are the driving requirements.

Helic is an ISO 9001 certified company.